Alexandra Tondeur Hawaii press release 15/10

15.10.2017 | News

“A day in pain” for Alexandra Tondeur in Hawaii

As the only professional female Belgian qualified triathlete in Kona, Alexandra Tondeur had a rough day Sunday in Hawaii. She finished the mythical race in 27th position with a time of 10h04m46s.

“It felt like a day in hell”, she told us. “My swimming part wasn’t that bad and the start on the bike was hopeful, but right after 100km on the bike track I felt really sick. I think the sickness was due to the fact that the swimming was a real war and I swallowed a lot of the salt seawater. I was able to run well at the start of the marathon but after 10km I felt sick again. Running those last 32km without nutrition was really killing me.” Explains Alexandra, who finished in 19th place during her first participation in Hawaii last year.

“This result was of course not even close to my objective. Surely not if I think how I felt during my last months of preparation. I was in top form. The analysis of what really happened during the race will done in a week.” Adds the Belgian triathlete, who nevertheless made it a cause of honour to cross the finish line in Ali’i Drive.

“I didn’t travel to the other side of the world to give up. Out of respect for the partners and everybody who supported me, I decided to finish the race. There are a lot of other people who fight for their passion of triathlon and me, being professional, it’s my job to finish the race. Even it has to be done in pain. If any sportive amateur sees the positive side in this and it motivates them when they are having difficulties, my mission is completed.” Concludes the European Vice Champion.