International Triathlon Cannes, 16 April ’17

17.04.2017 | Events

Bad luck for Kenneth. A crash on the bike resulted in an injury and a quit from the race.

Kenneth had a good start of the swimming part and came out of the water just 40 seconds after Bart Aernouts. The biking was supposed to be one of Kenneth’s stronger parts and when climbing the Coll du Tanneron he saw Aernouts on the top. In the descent Kenneth could use his technique on the bike to get closer to Aernouts until a car appeared on a car free part. Kenneth braked too hard and lost control over his bike resulting in a crash against the wall and a few extra tumbles. After the crash he was in too much pain to continue and had to give up.
Result: A 3.4cm tear in his quadriceps. We wish you a fast recovery Kenneth!