Ironman South-Africa, 2 April ’17

03.04.2017 | Events

Alex her view on her 7th place in the Ironman South-Africa

“If someone would have told me before the race that I would finish in 7th place, I would have signed for it right away. I’m very happy with my swimming part. I came out of the water in 11th place, almost 5 minutes faster than in Hawaii, thanks to all the training efforts this winter. On the bike I managed to get in to the top 10 of the race. My marathon was consistent except for two difficult moments at 20 and 32 kilometres. I already did some faster running parts in other triathlons but with a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius the weather conditions were really challenging. Now the road to Kona continues with an extra 1.335 points. I will keep working hard to achieve my goal: securing a top 35 spot in the KPR by half of August.”