Itzu Tri Team training camp & Volcano Triathlon

03.05.2017 | Events , News

During this training camp of the Itzu Tri Team some of the athletes participated in ‘The Vulcano’ on Saturday the 29th of April.

The programme: 1500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10km running. In other words, a quarter triathlon / Olympic distance!

Kenneth, who’s recovering good from his torn muscle and is training hard to get back at his level could ease the pain of his non-participation by firing the starting shot. Just after 10 a.m. it was time! A lot of supporters on the side-line to watch the group of splashing athletes pass by!

Martijn got out of the water in first place and had a neck-to-neck race in the biking with Romain Guillaume, the eventual winner. During the running he lost some terrain, but a stunning second place after one and a half year without competition, is surely a victory on its own for the Dutchman!

Alexandra and Saleta were the female participants of the Itzu Tri Team! Amber, who started to run again after her surgery, cheered for her team and watched coach Luc giving the athletes the necessary feedback during the race!

Alexandra started after the swimming with a strong comeback race and could keep a steady running part! She finished in 4th place, just a few places before Saleta. With opponents such as an Olympic athlete and the winner of last year, they were in a strong competitive field!

We are certain that it was a very good training for these three athletes, who later that day still had to do a bike or swimming training. This to prepare for their Ironman which is getting closer each day! A good test for them and nice results for the team!

Dogs on the loose, a flock of goats, … nothing could stop the athletes and supporters! A nice atmosphere, beneath a shining sun!

Next big appointment in a few weeks. Programme: 3,8km swimming, 180km cycling and 42km running. Something to train for in the remaining days of this training camp and the period following to this. A lot of sweat will flow, that’s for sure! All of the hard work is just to make sure the team can enjoy their time after the finish of the next race!