Koen Janssen


“I’m very proud to say Itzu Tri Team has become a set value in the triathlon circuit” – Koen Janssen

Koen Janssen, CEO of the Belgian holding-company Itzu, is an entrepreneur from Limburg who has always been passionate about triathlon and even practises triathlon himself.

As an athlete he was looking for a coach who was able to help him make progression in sports and to combine this with his job. Koen had always dreamed about uniting several athletes in a team to work with them and to achieve success.

During his search he almost immediately ended up with Luc Van Lierde, with whom he has had a good relationship and a shared vision about the  Itzu Tri Team.

“In one year time the Itzu Tri Team has become a well-known and set value in the triathlon circuit. In 2018 we feel ready to compete both in Belgium as internationally.Our goals are podium finishes in the big triathlons in Belgium f.e. Lommel and Knokke and internationally to perform in the Ironman editions of Lanzarote, Nice, Maastricht and the 70.3 of South Africa.

Two of our athletes will compete in the legendary Ironman of Hawaii, aiming for a top-10 finish.”


  • Birthdate: 9/07/1981
  • Nationality: Belgium
  • Place of birth: Lanaken
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Height: 182cm