Opening season Alexandra Tondeur, Press Release

31.03.2017 | News

Start of Alexandra Tondeur’s season Sunday 2nd of April in South-Africa

Sunday the second of April will be the real start of the triathlon season for Alexandra Tondeur. She has chosen the Ironman South-Africa as her first long distance triathlon of the year.

“The preparation is reaching his end and I can assure you it has been rough” says Alexandra, who was in January presented as a member of the new professional triathlon team coached by Luc Van Lierde, Itzu Tri Team. “The race towards the qualification for Hawaii has started. Objective: integrate in the top 35 of the world Kona Points Ranking (KPR) before the start of August.” Clarifies Tondeur.

If the triathlete from Brabant hopes to collect the maximum of points in Port Elizabeth she will not be the only one in this richly endowed continental championship [Ed. Apart from the total prize money of 150.000$, 4.000 KPR-points go to the winner, 3.400 to second place, etc.) The field of participants is impressive with among others Daniela Ryf, worlds number 1 and the Finnish Kaisa Lehtonen, current title defender of the Ironman South-Africa.

“With 32 competitors there will be almost as much competition as in Hawaii, but that changes nothing about my race tactics. My goal is to redo what I managed to do during my training in Lanzarote. I have a dream: reaching the top 10 of Hawaï in the next three years. That’s the time my coach, Luc Van Lierde, thinks he needs to form me. And it’s true, I still need to improve myself… on everything.

The start of the Ironman South-Africa will be given this Sunday at 6h30 (local time and belgian time) for the men and 6h35 for the women. The finish of the first woman is expected to be around 15h30.


Race report and results:

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Daniel Techy (press officer Alexandra Tondeur) / +32 472 490 255