Partners going to the extreme

The Itzu Tri Team is an initiative of Itzu nv, your partner in the people business. Itzu is the main sponsor, together with Chaintec, Endless Pools and Bioracer. In addition to these four main sponsors, there are a further 13 partners channelling their efforts into this ambitious project.


Itzu nv consists of a series of strong companies: Ucare, with career solutions. Tobasco, with hot jobs. SalesForYou, with result-driven services. Service Net, Service@home, Service Support and Tuliep, for cleaning and facility services. And Ama, for home care.

At Itzu we work for people, with people. In everything we do, we put people first, so that everyone – employees, clients, partners – feels good.

Itzu we care about.


“Never get lost at sea thanks to Boatpilot! Boatpilot is an innovative all-in-one pilot navigator with Augmented Reality mode for private and commercial yachting.” 

Endless Pools

Provides all the benefits of traditional swimming pools in a fraction of the space. No travelling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision-engineered swimming pool, where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that’s fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, economical to run, fit easily in new or existing spaces, both indoors and outside.

Swim at home.

Chaintec Operational Solutions

The solution to all your maintenance problems. Chaintec has a number of strengths that give the company a significant technical lead. An experienced team at all levels in various fields of technical maintenance. Experience and expertise in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, air treatment, chemicals, brewery, bottling, automotive …

For maintenance that operates reliably.


Belgian speedwear of excellence. Bioracer innovates, designs, manufactures and sells sportswear. Either for teams or personalized for small groups and individual recreational sportsmen, cyclists, triathletes, runners and skaters. Winning by being thoroughly prepared is a state of mind.

We make you faster.


Full-service communications agency specializing in accompanying clients on their creative journey.

Great minds also need great hands.

Air Relax

Training hard is important, but so is recovering smart! With Air Relax as our partner our athletes are able to reduce their recovery time without losing the quality of the recovery!


The more power you can produce, the quicker you are. That’s why increasing cycling power is so important for competitive cyclists and triathletes. Thanks to Pioneer our athletes are able to analyse and improve their power!


Producer of competitive, aerodynamic bicycle wheels.

Get confident, go fast, go anywhere.


The ultimate helmet maker, combines design with cutting-edge technology.

Saved by Lazer.


Top-quality bicycles. Designed and built in Belgium.

Because it’s the best ride out there.


Nutrition and supplements that promote athletic performance.

This is how they did it … Now you hit it.

Foederer DFK Accountants & Consultants

You are good at entrepreneurship, we provide support.

Partners in business.


Top-quality parts for bicycles and for sport fishing.

To promote health and happiness.

ECS European Containers

Working towards a better environment by reducing empty transport.

Creating sustainable, reliable logistics.


We’re proud to be a multi-sports brand and our name reflects this – not only does it signify the three physical disciplines within a triathlon, but it also represents the mental toughness and focus an athlete possesses when they are ‘in the zone’.

From a performance perspective, “Zone3” is the terminology used when you are in racing mode. In Zone3 you are powerful, controlled, focused and striving to complete a new challenge; whether this is completing the distance without stopping, making a new Personal Best or beating a fellow competitor.

“Zone3 is a threshold speed or racing pace where you are going at your fastest speed according to the distance you are travelling.”

Club La Santa

Experience the fantastic atmosphere that inspires everyone, young and old, to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fantastic experiences await you whether you are 4 or 84!