Partners going to the extreme

The Itzu Tri Team is an initiative of Itzu nv, your partner in the people business. Itzu is the main sponsor, together with Chaintec, Endless Pools and Bioracer. In addition to these four main sponsors, there are a further 13 partners channelling their efforts into this ambitious project.

Scicon bags

Leading the world in bike bags and cases

SCICON® is a brand of ASG International with a team that is dedicated to creating bike travel products that ensure bikes get to where they need to be completely unharmed. SCICON offers a complete range of products to transport bicycles by air travel and has become the benchmark for bike luggage and protection globally. Fuelled by innovative design and high-grade materials, they are as good-looking as they are reliable.


Itzu we care about.

ITZU is a holding company that specifically participates in and invests in services and companies where people and their talents are the focus . ITZU controls and monitors the quality of operations in its subsidiaries: Itzu Jobs, Itzu Cleaning, Itzu Home, Itzu Facility and Ucare.

Recruitment & selection, HR solutions, general and industrial cleaning, facility services and home help are our main activities.

At ITZU we work for people, with people. In everything we do, we put people first, so that everyone – employees, clients, partners – feels good.


Never get lost at sea with Boatpilot

Boatpilot is an innovative all-in-one pilot navigator with Augmented Reality mode for private and commercial yachting. BoatPilot is essentially marine Google Maps and TripAdvisor in one software, with no other product like it in the world. Unlike most marine navigation systems our product is uniquely developed for private yachtsmen and small yachting businesses.

Endless Pools

Swim at home

Provides all the benefits of traditional swimming pools in a fraction of the space. No travelling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision-engineered swimming pool, where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that’s fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, economical to run, fit easily in new or existing spaces, both indoors and outside.

Chaintec Operational Solutions

For maintenance that operates reliably

The solution to all your maintenance problems. Chaintec has a number of strengths that give the company a significant technical lead. An experienced team at all levels in various fields of technical maintenance, experience and expertise in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, air treatment, chemicals, brewery, bottling, automotive …


We make you faster
Bioracer innovates, designs, manufactures, promotes and sells collection-team-individual-leisure wear to cyclists, triathletes, runners and ice skaters, maximising their performance. Winning is a state of mind, every inch prepared. Everybody who is passionate about his/her sports, is an athlete.
Biodynamics, aerodynamics and aquadynamics co-determine the speed and performance of the athlete. It is Bioracer’s DNA to innovate to improve the athlete’s performance.

Air Relax

Feel that Air Relax!
Air Relax Compression technology gives athletes the competitive edge!Recovery is just as important as training and nutrition, and should be an integral part of every athlete’s training program.
The Air Relax Compression system is designed to help athletes recover faster and perform better. Their technology is backed up by numerous studies which highlight the enhancements in athletic performance through dynamic compression.


The best rule to go faster
Pioneer, with its main businesses of Car Electronics, offers a variety of value to customers around the world. Pioneer develops, manufactures and sells electronic products. It operates through following segments: Car Electronics, Home electronics and Others.
Pioneer has always offered products at the forefront of the times. Pioneer’s car audio and car navigation products, which incorporate the latest technology and unique ideas, are renowned for their functionality and ease of use, and are the first choice for many customers.


Get confident. Go fast

Our wheels will provide you with a faster and smoother ride, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. As soon as you install them you’ll feel that instant increase of potential. You will go faster – that’s a given – how much faster is up to you. So go out there and go all in. Your gear is up for it.


Lazer stands for the passion of performance and the joy of riding
Lazer wants to make innovating and comfortable products people want to wear instead of need to wear. Playing on their current strengths, Lazer should be a market leader in innovative, clever, consumer friendly designs of sports headwear and accessories that make sport more enjoyable and accessible. Lazer wants to be the premier provider of protection and peace of mind for every active individual.


Premium bicycles since 1997
Since its inception, Ridley has remained at the forefront of product innovation. Ridley is now a household name with top pros riding their bikes. Ridley continues to push limits when it comes to creation and improvements. While the Ridley bikes of early years may differ from the newest models, the company’s mission remains the same – to deliver cutting-edge machines that reflect each rider’s individuality.


How I did it.
The road to success is long, hard and demands a lot of sacrifices. The importance of your choice of food and supplements can’t be underestimated. But how do you make the best choice and who do you trust? HIDDIT lets people who have reached the absolute top develop their own range of food & supplements, based on their own experiences.

Foederer DFK Accountants & Consultants

Partners in Business

Foederer DFK is an independent agency of auditors, accountants, financial experts and consultants. We put our many years of experience at the service of our customers. We approach every customer in a different way and think along with them.No matter what challenges you face, our years of experience in accountancy, audit, tax and consultancy can provide you with optimal support.


Promoting health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us
Shimano hopes to help realize a wonderful lifestyle by offering bicycle components, fishing tackle, and rowing equipment. Taking advantage of our original technologies and a wealth of experience accumulated throughout Shimano’s long history, we are developing innovative products that go beyond the expectations of cyclists, anglers, and rowers.We believe that our Captivating Products should feature not only exceptional quality and performance, but also a fascinating design that appeals to respective users’ sensitivities at first touch.

ECS European Containers

Creating sustainable, reliable logistics
ECS is a 45′ intermodal logistics operator, specializing in transport between the UK & Ireland and mainland Europe. CSR logistics or Creating Sustainable Reliable logistics is our mission. As a Logistics Service Provider, ECS recognizes the environmental impact of its business and the responsibility to find solutions. Continuous improving of the environmental sustainability has been part of our daily operations and business decisions for many years.


Created to maximise athletic performance and enjoyment
From a single desk on a University campus, Zone3 has grown organically to become Europe’s leading triathlon and swimwear brand. This has been achieved by a deep-rooted passion for endurance sports and ensuring that every product offers market leading performance, innovation and functionality.Since day one we’ve held an athlete-centric approach to garment creation, working alongside a full spectrum of athletes and highly skilled designers to ensure each product is made with laser precision and the highest performance materials available.

Club La Santa

Holiday paradise with sport and exercise
Club La Santa started with a dream to create the world’s best paradise for active people. Everyone is welcome at Club La Santa, regardless of level and ambition. With so many activities to do, it is a unique experience that you and your family will never forget.Friendship and harmony between like-minded active people make Club La Santa a great and inspiring place to be. The combination of excellent facilities and professional training and instruction, gives you the opportunity to try something new or improve your technique in your favourite sport.